U.S. Healthcare COVID-19 Portal Help


The U.S. Healthcare COVID-19 Portal is designed to streamline the process by which hospitals across the nation report their COVID-19-related data (e.g. total COVID-19 confirmed patients, N95 inventory, etc.). Now, instead of submitting data through multiple outlets, hospitals can rely on the portal as a single platform through which to submit data to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):

Each hospital must report the information for the hospital he or she is affiliated with through the COVID-19 portal. Information must be entered by 5:00 PM (ET) each day until instructed otherwise.

To begin entering data for your facility, complete the following tasks (Google Chrome is the recommended browser):

  1. Create a portal account.
  2. Review the descriptions for each of the data points to be entered into the portal.
  3. Enter data for your facility.

Once you've submitted your first data entry, you'll also have the ability to view previous entries and update data.

Keep in mind that you cannot edit a previous entry, but you can still update your hospital's numbers by submitting a new one. The HHS will receive data based on the latest entry, which will be collected routinely by the server.

You can also add other members of your facility as users to help report data.

See our Release Notes for the latest information on new features and user interface updates.