Release Notes


Ensuring High-Quality Data

A new feature was introduced to highlight potential errors in your daily submission. For select fields, the portal will compare your entry to the average of your last seven submissions then highlight any significant changes. For other fields, the portal will highlight zero values that may be incorrect.

If your data are correct, please ignore the warning message. If incorrect, please take the opportunity to update the data before submitting.

Warnings have been introduced on the following fields:

  • 3a. All hospital inpatient beds

  • 9b. Hospitalized adult laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patients

  • 10b. Hospitalized pediatric laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 patients

  • 17a. Previous day's adult admissions with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19

  • 18a. Previous day’s pediatric admissions with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19

In addition, for most hospitals, if a value of 0 is entered for the following fields, a warning will appear:

  • 3a. All hospital inpatient beds

  • 4a. All hospital inpatient bed occupancy

  • 4b. Adult hospital inpatient bed occupancy

  • 19. Previous day’s Emergency Department (ED) Visits

data quality warning screenshot for all hospital inpatient beds data quality warning screenshot for previous day emergency department visits

Note: These warnings will not prevent submission and are solely to assist users in entering the correct value for the field.



TeleTracking has expanded its support offering with the introduction of a new artificial-intelligence (AI) chatbot accessible directly from the Portal. TeleBot allows you to search for articles and content on your own, chat with a robot for commonly asked questions, and/or chat with a Client Support Engineer for more complex, involved inquiries.

Telebot icon on Portal Ssage For Your Facilities screen


Telebot Window in front of Portal Usage For Your Facilities screen

For more information see the following:


All Your Facilities Compliance View

Users with multiple facilities are now able to filter the All Your Facilities Compliance View by facility type. In the new Facility Type field in the top right, users can select Hospital or Therapeutics. To see the unfiltered list, users can accept the default option of All.

Click here for more information about the All Your Facilities Compliance View.


Download History

All entries submitted prior to December 1, 2021 have been archived in order to align with the Data Upload Template. These archived entries will not be included in the Download History. In order to retrieve all entries, including those that have been archived, users can select another option from the Download History dialog box.

Previous Releases

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